GM LT1 94/95 Tuning

LT1 95-95 Tuning

First off, it’s possible you can brick your PCM while flashing it.  It can happen when you do everything right.  Make sure your battery is fully charged in the car, laptop is charged or plugged into an outlet, and laptop standby/sleep settings are disabled.

1) You will need a cable that can talk to the PCM.  Camaro/Firebird–94 should be 12 pin, and 95 should be 16 pin.  Corvette 94/95 should be 16 pin.  Verify which connector you have by comparing to this site:

ALDL Cable website

You can also purchase a cable from:


You can also make one (I need to create a page for this) or look on ebay.  The drivers will need to be installed when you plug it in (this may be automatic).  Then figure out what the COM port number the cable comes in as on your computer in device manager.

2) Software that can get the current “bin” from your PCM.  $EEhack or CATS Winflash trial should do the job.


CATS Winflash Trial


3) Software that can open the bin file and make changes.  TunerPro RT works well for this purpose and is free.

TunerPro RT

TunerPro RT needs a definition file so it knows how to pull apart the bin to view and edit all the settings.  This XDF file does great.

EEX XDF definition file

In TunerPro RT you can open the XDF and open the bin from your PCM and make changes.

4) Software to Flash the PCM.  This is the same as number 2 above.


Cats Winflash Trial

5) If you want to look at an example tune, especially if you are stock or nearly stock this site can create a tune for you that can be opened in TunerPro RT and flashed.

Online tuning service

Other stuff:

Mail order tune from Solomon  (you install the tune he creates)

Data-logging article

Another Data-logging article

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